Spain has imported more than 2.1 million tons of cereal in the first three months of this season - Agroinformacion

Despite the excellent national harvest, Spanish imports of cereals from third countries during the first three months of the 2020/21 campaign (July-August-September) show the third highest figure since the beginning of the century with a total of 2,125 .860 tons of cereal, according to UNISTOCK of Spain, the Spanish Association of Port Warehouses of Grains, Cereals and their derivatives, highlighting the arrival of corn, which exceeds 80% of all national imports in that period of time.

It is estimated that the Spanish use of cereals last season touched 37 million tons of cereal. Counting this year with a national production close to 26 million tons and, assuming that consumption figures are maintained, it would therefore be necessary to import around 11 to 12 million tons to satisfy the manufacturing industry.

By product, corn is undoubtedly the star with 1,720,856 mio / t, representing 81% of the total, followed at a very long distance by wheat. The amounts of other cereals have been negligible to date:

If we take as a reference the imports made by all the partners of the European Union, Spain leads by far the ranking of buyers with a percentage of them higher than 37% of the total (5,683,453 tons)

The companies that make up Unistock de España are prepared to face the challenges of the market, complementing national production in supplying the animal and human food chain and ensuring, at the same time, compliance with community and international regulations.